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Education - Formation


Les activités sont affichées dans la langue dans laquelle est sont offertes.

Les suggestions pour des opportunités de formations canadiennes additionnelles reliées à la conservation, la biodiversité et l'éducation environnementale par des employés ou des membres de jardins botaniques canadiens, d'arboreta, de musées et autres institutions connexes ou par des éducateurs canadiens sont les bienvenues. SVP contactez-nous (

Nature Interpretation On-line

Résumé du programme: An exploration of communication and experiential learning theories and their application to natural history interpretation and environmental education program design.
Objectif du programme: Students will develop and present interpretive materials and a program within the context of the existing nature interpretation program.
Détails: Distance Education, on-line, university credit course.
University of Guelph, Department of Environmental Biology
Office of Open Learning
160 Johnston Hall, University of Guelph
Guelph, Ontario
N1G 2W1
(519) 824-4120, Ext: 56651
Récommandé par: Laurel McIvor

Project Wild/ Focus on Forests Workshops

Résumé du programme: Project Wild and Focus on Forests are conservation education programs to assist learners in developing the awareness, knowledge, skills, and commitment needed to make informed decisions and to take constructive action for wildlife, habitat, and the environment. Workshops include participation in Project WILD & Focus on Forests activities, information about wildlife conservation, and plans for using activities with a wide range of students.
Objectif du programme: Participants gain the experience needed to use Project WILD and Focus on Forests with youth and to integrate program materials and activities into their own teaching.
Détails: Project WILD and Focus on Forests are offered through six-to eight-hour training sessions; participants receive activity guides.
Barbara Kerr
Tel: 1-800-563-9453 or (613) 599-9594 (Ottawa Area)
Fax: (613) 599-4428
Récommandé par: Laurel McIvor

Interpretation Canada's National Training Program

Résumé du programme: Interpretation Canada offers two basic interpretive training modules covering a range of topics such as. program planning, effective communication to different audiences, illustrated talks, guided walks, spontaneous and roving interpretation and prop talks and demonstrations.
Objectif du programme: To provide interpretive training to effectively communicate more than just the basic knowledge of an organisation and facts about natural or cultural history.
Détails: Training modules are presented by qualified IC Trainers in various regions across Canada. IC Trainers can be contacted for private training at a time and location convenient for your participants, they can set up training through a host organisation, or they can provide in-house training.
Donna Hill
Interpretation Canada
c/o Kerry Wood Nature Centre
6300 45th Avenue
Red Deer Alberta T4N 3M4
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