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Designing Interpretive Signs: Principles in Practice

 Designing interpretive signs image

This excellent comprehensive guide is intended for students, researchers and educators working in the field of interpretation.  It provides a series of principles for effective sign design, with instruction based on research, the latest in educational and psychological theory and practical guidelines.  Full colour illustrations are used throughout the guide to reinforce the principles and provide real world examples.  Valuable information is included about choosing sign locations, attracting and keeping visitors’ attention, organising information so that visitors find it easy to follow and designing signs for a wide range of sites. As an aide memoir a check list is also provided.  This guide is a valuable addition to a botanic garden education library.

Gianna Moscardo, Roy Ballantyne, and Karen Hughes, 2007, Fulcrum Publishing, USA, 140pp, ISBN-13:  978-1-55591-550-6.

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