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Publication Year: 
Jul 2007: The response of botanic gardens to climate change by David Bramwell
Jul 2007: The Millennium Seed Bank Project delivering Target 8 of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation by Paul P. Smith, Clare Trivedi, Anne Cochrane, Andrew Crawford and Michael Way
Jul 2007: Research on biodiversity and climate change at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh by Christopher Ellis and Mary Gibby
Jul 2007: Report on 3rd Global Botanic Gardens Congress Wuhan, China by Etelka Leadlay
Jul 2007: The potential impact of climate change on native plant diversity in Ireland by Peter S. Wyse Jackson
Jul 2007: Editorial - Responding to climate change by Sara Oldfield
Jul 2007: Climate change and Africa: an ecological perspective by Jon C. Lovett
Jul 2007: Chicago Botanic Garden’s conservation and outreach efforts on climate change by Kayri Havens, Pati Vitt and Jennifer Schwarz
Jul 2007: Case studies on the effect of climate change on the flora of Mexico by O. Téllez, P. Dávila, M. Ayala, K. Gutiérrez & I. Melchor
Jan 2007: Editorial by Sara Oldfield
Jan 2007: The legacy of Linnaeus by Magnus Lidén
Jan 2007: Linnaean names and their types: a permanent reference point by Charlie Jarvis
Jan 2007: Taxonomy is the tool that measures plant diversity – and our level of knowledge by Charlotte M. Taylor
Jan 2007: The Catalogue of Life: indexing the world’s species by Karen L. Wilson & Frank Bisby
Jan 2007: Botanical buffet - the importance of living collections for plant systematics by Tim Entwisle