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Investing in Nature - Japan

The Investing in Nature - Japan programme aimed to raise the awareness of Japanese gardens in relation to the work of BGCI and the role that botanic gardens play in plant conservation at an international, regional and national level.

The Investing in Nature, funded by the HSBC Group, began in Japan in January 2004. It has helped BGCI work with botanic gardens in Japan to promote their work to various parties, ranging from governments and industries to the general public, within Japan and around the world. It has also assisted and encouraged the further involvement of these parties in plant conservation, environmental education, and sustainable development.

Through various funding projects, BGCI has assisted in raising the national appreciation of the importance of Japanese botanic gardens.

Projects for 2004 and 2005

 Projects for 2006

  • Travelling exhibition (year 2)
  • First Botanic Gardens Symposium in Tokyo organised by the Japan Association of Botanical Gardens  
  • Small grant projects:
    1. publication of the Medicial Plants Guidebook (2006) published by the Japan Association of Botanical Gardens (in Japanese)
    2. publication of  the Conservation of Plant Diversity in Japanaese Botanic Gardens (2007) co-published by the Japan Association of Botanical Gardens, Tsukuba Botanical Garden of the National Science Museum, and BGCI
    3. The International Symposium on Diversity and Conservation of Asian Orchids held in Tsukuba Botanical Garden

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