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Japan Association of Botanical Gardens

Japan has an extensive network of botanic gardens and arboreta, stretching across the whole country. In 1947, representatives of the Japanese botanic gardens established the Japan Association of Botanical Gardens (JABG) and this organization was recognized by the government as an authorized national corporation in 1966.

The JABG presently has more than 130 members. The association does extensive work, both in Japan
and overseas, especially in relation to research, documentation and information dissemination. It is
composed of four branches, namely gardens attached to universities, municipal gardens, private gardens and
gardens with special purposes, such as herbal gardens.

Committees are set up to promote specific projects, such as seed and plant exchange between members, sending experts overseas, plant conservation etc. Scientific meetings and training courses are also organised to develop the technical and management capacity of member gardens. The JABG is also responsible for maintaining plants brought unlawfully into Japan from abroad and which are being held by the Government.

An annual meeting of the JABG is held at the end of May each year where research results are presented by members. It also issues the Journal of the Japan Association of Botanical Gardens annually, a newsletter called Shokubutsuen seasonally and other occasional publications about plants and botanic gardens.

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