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Japan Gardens Urged to Save Plants at Public Meeting

4 February 2008
 Junko Oikawa and Mr Okajima

Junko Oikawa (right) addresses a public audience
in Nagoya with Mr Okajima, Director of
Higashiyama Botanical Gardens,
and President of JABG

Two botanic garden symposia were held on 26 and 27 January in Nagoya and Kyoto, two of Japan’s largest cities. 

Open to the public, the symposia were organised by the Japanese Association of Botanic Gardens with support from BGCI, the Ministry of Environment and local media.

The symposium in Nagoya highlighted what was happening in plant conservation in Japan while the symposium in Kyoto focused on the effect of climate change on plants. 

During the two symposia, distinguished speakers addressed over 400 people who were invited to submit questions to the panels for discussion.   The role of botanic gardens was also discussed.  

Speaking at the meeting in Nagoya, BGCI’s Japan Programme Officer, Junko Oikawa, highlighted the contributions made by botanic gardens around the world to the implementation of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation and stressed the need for Japanese botanic gardens to become involved in further action. 

Research about to be published by the Japanese Association of Botanic Gardens, demonstrates that Japanese botanic gardens maintain almost 50% of Japanese endangered  plant species in cultivation which is a significant contribution to Target 8 of the GSPC.  Work must now proceed on looking at the quality of these collections.

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