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"Ubs Nuur Hollow" Biospheric Nature Reserve, Kyzyl, Tuva Republic, Russian Federation

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“Ubs Nuur Hollow” Biospheric Nature Reserve (Kyzyl, Tuva Republic, Russian Federation) invites volunteers to participate in inventory of vulnerable, rare and endangered plants on the Mongun-Taiga array and on  the southern macro-slope of the Western Sayan, specifying  origins of the rarity and limiting factors for the each species. 

Analysis of the geographical distribution of vulnerable, rare and endangered species of flowering plants will enable to mark places of their greatest concentration, which is important  in  setting  up Key Botanical Areas of  the region.

Volunteers will be asked to participate in traditional forms of vulnerable, threatened and endangered species protection, in collection and preservation of seeds, holding  introduction experiments to insitu conservation, working out methods for their reproduction invitro, assisting in identification of self-sustaining mechanisms for such species population.

The volunteers will  deal with such plants of Tuva Red Book as Astragalus politovii Krylov, Oxytropis includens., Phlox sibirica L., Oxytropis muricat., Cardamine trifida (Poir.) ,Oxytropis mongolica., Brunnera sibirica, Chrysosplenium filiper, Delphinium barlykense ,Taraxacum krylovii etc.

For more detailes, please contact

Tamara Panchisheva


Closing date: 20/05/2017


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