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BGCI (US) Launches Plant for the Planet Campaign

21 March 2005

Plant for the Planet

BGCI (U.S.) has kicked off its new public awareness campaign, "Plant for the Planet," to promote everyday actions home gardening enthusiasts can take to help save plants. As the first part of the campaign, BGCI is publishing "A Plant Conservation Checklist for Gardeners." This colorful brochure details gardening practices that support local and worldwide conservation of plant resources.

"One thing we know about home gardeners is that they love plants," says Brian Johnson, Education Officer with BGCI's U.S. Program. "The goal of this new campaign is to turn that love for plants into action on behalf of their conservation."

The brochure highlights simple conservation recommendations for gardeners, including knowing the laws that protect wild plants and their effects on gardeners; never planting species that are invasive or potentially invasive; and knowing the conservation status of species in your garden. The "Checklist" will be distributed free to BGCI member gardens in the US to use in programs and to give to visitors. A website with additional tips and information has also been launched.
In addition to the "Checklist" and the accompanying website, the campaign will expand later this year to include a plant conservation adult education curriculum to be distributed free to member gardens, and interpretive sign templates for botanic gardens focusing on rare and endangered plants.

The public awareness campaign was launched in conjunction with the U.S. release of Plant: The Ultimate Visual Reference to Plants and Flowers of the World, by Janet Marinelli, director of publishing at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Plant features 2,000 imperiled plants and shows how gardeners can grow and save them. A joint launch party was held at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on March 16 to mark the occasion. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Plant will go to support the conservation efforts of botanic gardens around the world through BGCI.

To receive a free copy of the "Plant Conservation Checklist for Gardeners" or for more information about the "Plant for the Planet" campaign, email BGCI at or call 718-623-7215.

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