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Global Strategy for Plant Conservation and Education - New Section on BGCI Website

11 March 2005

BGCI is pleased to announce a new section on the education section of the website. The pages at

provide information about the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation and details of how educators in botanic garden can get involved. It showcases examples of how educators in the UK are already providing valuable contributions to the GSPC in their education programmes and events.

The aim of this new section is to encourage educators, from any environmental education organisation, to see their work as being directly relevant and important to realising the targets and of course the ultimate goal of the GSPC - to halt the current and continuing loss of plant diversity. Education - raising awareness of the need for plants and plant conservation, is a cross cutting aspect of the GSPC and vital to help achieve all 16 of the targets of the GSPC.

As well as demonstrating the relevance of the GSPC to educators and education to the GSPC this new area provides ways in which educators can become involved - through voicing their opinions in a consultation on Target 14 "The importance of plant diversity and the need for its conservation incorporated into communication, educational and public-awareness programmes". These consultations will help decide on milestones and outcomes proving the achievements of educators in reaching the target. BGCI is also looking for educators to fill in a survey, examining their own education programmes, which targets are already being addressed in their garden and where there are gaps that need to be filled.

Finally, there is information on who else is involved with the GSPC, where it all came from and what it means to botanic gardens and plant conservation. Have a look for yourself, check out

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