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Gardens Investigate Aquifer Option

28 February 2005
Adelaide Botanic Garden

The Adelaide Botanic Gardens is drilling an investigation bore 200 metres underground, searching for an aquifer that could be used to store storm water.

The investigation is part of a project designed to cut the amount of mains water used to irrigate the gardens.

It is hoped storm water could be collected from First Creek during winter and stored underground until the warmer months, when it would be pumped to the surface.

Environment Minister John Hill says there are many advantages to re-using storm water.

"It collects pollutants as it gathers and moves towards the sea, and so you have to do a whole lot of things to stop that pollution getting in the sea," he said.

"So if we can capture it, hold it, clean it and use it, it's just a more sensible thing to do."

It is estimated the project could cut irrigation costs at the gardens by $100,000.

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