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Earth Day, 22nd April 2010

21 April 2010

22nd April 2010 is Earth Day.

Since 1970, Earth Day has activated individuals and  organisations annually to strengthen the collective fight against man’s exploitive  relationship with the planet. Ever increasing human activity has  negatively impacted the planet’s health and the need to readjust our relationship with  the earth has never been so great.  But from these challenges has arisen an unprecedented opportunity for our generation – an opportunity for innovation and investment that will catalyze a sustainable clean energy economy.

The Earth Day 2010 campaign aims to combat climate change by driving substantive behavioral change and channel quantifiable action on behalf of the environment.

Many botanic gardens in the US (where Earth Day originated) are celebrating Earth Day 2010:

Look out for ways your local botanic garden is celebrating Earth Day and join the billions of people worldwide celebrating Earth Day and pledging to live in a more sustainable way.

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