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New publication: Discovering New World Orchids

27 January 2011

Further details from the author:

'Many well-documented stories are in this book – of the one-armed Roezl being trapped on an active volcano, of the fashion-concious Ruiz taking a silver chamber pot on his expedition to Peru, of the English collector being murdered by his native wife, and Orchids, Orchids, Orchids. Of a modest Lincolnshire lass and the bombastic and treacherous German taxonomist, and Orchids, Orchids, Orchids. Stories of the Orchid Nurseries of Linden, Loddiges and Low, of Bull, Williams, Sander, Veitch and Booth – Booth? – and Orchids, Orchids, Orchids.

'A history of Masdevallias and so much more. The stories behind the names of the orchids we grow and love.

'Neither a cultural guide nor encyclopedia, this book is factual and with over 1,000 coloured illustrations, some never previously published, is a joy to the eye. It contains a wealth of biographical details of both plants and people, and the stories it contains will captivate the interest of non-orchid buffs.'

'Forward by Rudolf Jenny.  A4 size with nearly 700 pages (Warning - may contain traces of humour !)

'Only available from: Steve Manning, 4 The Cedars, Nantwich, Cheshire. CW5 5GZ. United Kingdom.

'As it weighs 2.7 kilos, P & P in UK is £9.50. I regret I have no facilities to accept payment by Credit or Debit Card, but Paypal is easily arranged. 

To contact the author please write to the above address or email:

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