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Innovative art exhibition at The Morton Arboretum, Illinois, USA

7 March 2011

A brand new art exhibition will reveal how trees at The Morton Arboretum inspired artists to develop a diverse and surprising set of creations. "Nature Unframed: Art at the Arboretum" displays eleven striking and sometimes towering works of art. Renowned artists from around the world designed their pieces specifically based on how they "read" the unique landscape "galleries" where the works will be displayed.The exhibition is suitable for all ages including children.

The art will complement stunning beauty at the Arboretum, which features the largest collection of flowering, ornamental trees in the Midwest.

Opening times: May 19 - November 27: 7 a.m. to sunset

Further information:

Examples of proposed work by four of the artists


 Above: Bound Old Denbighshire by Philippa Lawrence.  (Photo: Alex Ramsay; copyright Philippa Lawrence.)



Above: Proposal for "Wall In Blue Ash Tree" by Letha Wilson. (Photo: courtesy Letha Wilson.)



Above: Proposal for "Magic of Silence" by Regine Lehman. (Photo: courtesy Regine Lehman.)



Above: Proposal for "Lichen It" by Carol Hummel. (Photo: courtesy Carol Hummel.)

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