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Financial Times Says Plant Science is 'Hot'

29 June 2011

Plant science is one of the 'hottest' areas of scientific endeavour according to an article by Clive Cookson in the Financial Times. Under the heading of ‘Plants to feed the World’, it notes that plant science is essential if the increasing human population is to be feed properly.

The FT article says that ‘there is an intensified effort, among public-sector laboratories and industry companies, to breed better plants for farmers. This involves both direct genetic modification to make plants more resistant to stress and disease and the use of genomic information to accelerate improvement through conventional breeding.’

The ten hottest areas of science described in the FT article, and their accompanying headlines were: ‘Understanding the Gnome’ (molecular biology), ‘Extra planets – and extraterrestrials?’ (astronomy/cosmology), ‘The composition of the cosmos’ (particle physics), ‘Leap for quantum computing’ (nano-electronics), ‘Graphene, the ‘wonder material’’ (nano-material science), ‘Embryonic stem cells and regenerative medicine’ (human molecular biology), ‘Global warming: the future’ (climatology), ‘Plants to feed the world’ (plant science), ‘The ‘plastic brain’’ (neurology), ‘Disaster management’ (management).

The full article can be read here: (A subscription may be requested.)

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