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Miscanthus (Elephant Grass) in Bio-fuel Project

20 July 2011

The local authority for Nottinghamshire, in Northern England is planning to grow Miscanthus (Elephant Grass) as a biofuel. Elephant grass can grow up to 3 meters high and it is native to tropical and sub-tropical regions of Africa and South Asia. The shallow roots make it suitable for growing on the former landfill site at Fiskerton in Nottinghamshire. The first harvest of the grass is expected to be in 2013, and the crop can be used by powerstations. The local authority growing the crop, Nottinghamshire County Council received a grant from the UK's advisor on England's natural environment, Natural England, for planting and establishing the crop.

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Natural England Energy Crops Scheme 

Natural England Guidlines: Planting and Growing Miscanthus (PDF) 

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