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Cyclone hits Auroville Botanical Gardens

3 January 2012

Last weekend, the Auroville Botanical Gardens were hit by the full force of Cyclone Thane. The damage is extensive both in the gardens and around the infrastructure area.

The Gardens will recover,  but it will take time and a huge effort on the part of garden staff. Thankfully, many of the specimen trees have survived and will re-grow once pruned.

However, the major setback is with infrastructure that has been slowly developing over the past 12 years. Roofs, workspaces and residencies have all been damaged. These have to be repaired for the work at the gardens to continue -  educating, inspiring and providing trees and saplings for planting.

Although the Auroville Botanical Gardens never normally asks for donations, at this time they are appealing for help. If you would like to contribute to the rebuilding of the Botanical Gardens in Auroville then please give whatever you can manage.

In India donations carry 50% tax exemption if cheques are made out to Auroville Unity Fund

In Europe donations can be made via AVI UK and are also tax exempt. More details can be found at please mention Auroville Botanical Gardens in the appropriate box.

Read the full appeal letter here and see images of the destruction caused by the cyclone.


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