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Final project meeting for the Catalogue of Life’s 4D4Life project

21 March 2012

The 4D4Life project, funded by the European Commission's 7th Framework e-Infrastructure Programme, was established in 2008 with the aim of establishing the Catalogue of Life as a state of the art e-science facility based on an enhanced service-based distributed architecture. Through its networking activities, 4D4Life aimed to strengthen the development of Global Species Databases that provide the core of the service, and extend the geographical reach of the programme beyond Europe by realizing a Multi-Hub Network integrating data from China, New Zealand, Australia, N. America and Brazil. Service activities included in the project aimed to create new electronic taxonomy services, including synonymy server, taxon name-change, and download services.

The final project meeting will celebrate the achievements made during the three years of the project and review the current status of the Catalogue of Life.

A public symposium will be held on 28-29 March, dedicated to the memory of Dr Frank Bisby, founder and champion of the Catalogue of Life.  Entitled “Taxonomy and the Catalogue of Life: Ecosystem of services”, the symposium will address the important role of taxonomy in relation to many aspects of biodiversity analysis and conservation.  Speakers include Professor Peter Raven (USA), Professor Vernon Heywood (UK), Professor Ma Keping (China), Professor Perez Canhos (Brazil), Dr Nigel Maxted (University of Birmingham), Dr Simon Stuart (IUCN) and Dr Alison Rosser (UNEP-WCMC). The programme for the symposium can be downloaded here.

The symposium will take place in the Chemistry Building LTG, University of Reading, UK. Registration is free.

Further information about the 4D4Life project meeting is available from the 4D4Life website

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