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Global action plan for the conservation of Zelkova species published

26 June 2013

BGCI, the Natural History Museum Fribourg and the Botanic Garden of the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, have published a global action plan for the conservation of the six extant species of Zelkova, a relict genus that dates back to the Tertiary era (~65-2.5 million years BP). Developed over a period of three years, this collaborative and interdisciplinary project has generated a wide range of research findings that inform integrated action for the protection of the species of Zelkova and the habitats in which they occur, including ex and in situ conservation status assessments, studies of phylogeny and phylogeography, as well as analyses of population genetics and structure.

To read more about the project and download the action plan, click here.



Zelkova abelicea growing in the wild

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