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Dr. Jane M. Bowles

1 October 2013

We are saddened by the passing of Dr. Jane Bowles, a passionate and dedicated ecologist who worked tirelessly to preserve unique, natural habitats. She worked on countless conservation projects across Southwestern Ontario, was a founding and devoted member of the Thames Talbot Land Trust, and served as the director of the Sherwood Fox Arboretum since 2004.
After graduation, Jane continued to be an integral member of the University of Western Ontario Departments of Biology and Geography as an adjunct professor. She taught a range of courses in both departments, including the legendary Desert Ecology field course module, with Dr. Paul Hanford.

Dr. Bowles voluntarily contributed a case study on the Walpole Island community plant conservation efforts (see pg. 18) as part of the 2010 North American Collections Assessment.

We are inspired and grateful for Dr. Bowles's dedication to plant conservation and to BGCI. Thank you.

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