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Selecting the best electric shaver for you

6 May 2014

 It is very well known that men have different skincare needs. What might work for one man may not work for the other. This is particularly true for men who are susceptible to blade bumps and irritation of the skin when they shave. In an effort to bring grooming and shaving tips for men, Philips Norelco, one of the best electric shaver our there for men, has partnered with Craig the Barber, who is one of the most recognizable grooming experts and creator of " They aim to produce a series of videos that brings grooming tips and bring tools to help men better manage their grooming.

Craig stars in a video series produced by Philips Norelco electric shavers. Craig answers the toughest skin issues that men encounter in their daily grooming. He gives tips on how to select the right electric shavers and the ingredients to look out for and avoid in skincare products. Craig grooms a lot of Hollywood’s biggest male stars. In the video he helps men sort out the myths of grooming. He helps you get around the often confusing aisles of grooming stores. You will find the videos on Norelco's YouTube channel. You will find videos in the following categories:

  • Shaving and Grooming Hacks 
  • Shopping the Shaving and grooming aisles.
  • Fact or Fiction: The Myths of Grooming Debunked.

With the massive growth of the men's grooming niche, men now have more options than they've ever had. The most important thing is for guys to know their skin and be able to select the best products that give them the best results. Norelco has become a leader in making products for different skin needs. They even have products for razor burns and ingrown hair.

The new Philips Norelco SmartCare Electric Shaver 

An example of this innovation from Philips is the Philips Norelco CareTouch electric shaver. It is designed specifically to reduce the likelihood of getting ingrown hair. It has a range of technology that allows the shaver to cut hair just above the skin for a smoother shave. You can get more information about this shaver at

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