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Flora of North America - volume 28 coming soon

17 July 2014

The Flora of North America North of Mexico Volume 28: Bryophyta, Part 2 published by Oxford University Press includes treatments prepared by 44 authors covering 698 species in 206 genera classified in 48 families. Descriptions for all of the families, genera, and species are provided.

In addition, occurrence maps for species are included and 53% of the species are illustrated. Keys are included to aid in the identification of genera in families and species within the genera; an overall key to the 333 genera of mosses known from North America north of Mexico is also included. Volume 28 is the seventeenth volume to be published in the planned 30-volume Flora of North America North of Mexico series.

With the publication of Volume 28, meant to accompany the earlier Volume 27: Bryophyta, Part 1 which appeared in 2007, the treatment of mosses for the Flora area is complete. The currently known moss flora has 1402 species in 333 genera classified in 81 families. For the genera, 17 (5%) are endemic to the Flora area and 273 (19.5%) of the species are endemic with 36 (2.6%) of those considered to be of conservation concern.

The thirty-volume ongoing publishing project Flora of North America is the first comprehensive taxonomic guide to the extraordinary diversity of plant life covering our continent north of Mexico. This ground breaking scholarly series is a collaborative effort by researchers at more than 30 U.S. and Canadian botanical institutions. The Flora provides revisions of many plant groups and synthesizes the results from studies published in hundreds of research papers of the last three centuries. With beautiful illustrations accompanying many species, Flora of North America is concise, easy to use and indispensible to botanists, convervationists, ecologists, agronomists, foresters, range and land  managers, and horticulturists.

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