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Botanic garden workshop held in Korea

3 September 2014

A workshop on developing and managing botanic gardens and arboreta in Korea was held from July 7-9 at the Chollipo Arboretum Foundation. The workshop was supported financially by the Korea Forest Service.

The 57 participants from 21 botanical gardens and arboreta including the Korea National Arboretum shared experiences on botanic gardens and living collection management, plant conservation, horticultural management, education and environmental sustainability.

 Kunso KIM, Yong-Shik KIM and Dr Unsook SONG (Korea) and Mark Richardson and Janelle Hatherly (Australia) ran workshops with presentations.

The programme for the workshop can be downloaded here

 Photo credit: Sujin Choi (Chollipo Arboretum)Photo credit: Sujin Choi (Chollipo Arboretum) 
 Photo credit: Sujin Choi (Chollipo Arboretum) Photo credit: Sujin Choi (Chollipo Arboretum)


 Photos: Sujin Choi, Chollipo Arboretum


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