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New structure for the Argentinian Botanical Garden Network (RAJB)

5 January 2015

The Argentinian Botanical Garden Network (RAJB) has announced its new structure. If your garden would like to get in touch with botanic gardens in Argentina, the network can be contacted at

The new Board of Directors was formed at the end of a two day event held in San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina, in the Miguel Lillo Foundation’s Botanical Garden, on the 20th and 21st of November 2014.

The event was attended by approximately 100 University officials, students, teachers and members of the public, including the Heads of 19 Argentinian botanic gardens.

The first day included a speech and workshop about Inquiry-Based Science Education, delivered by Gail Bromley. This was followed by a visit to the Miguel Lillo Botanical Garden Foundation and to the Botanic Gardens Reserve Horco Molle.

The meeting of the Argentinian Botanical Garden Network took place on the second day, where the Board of Directors was decided.

The Executive Committee members are listed below:


Dr. Ana María Molina:

Vice President

Mr. Hynes Ana Levy:


Mr. Paul Adrian Quiroga:


Dr. Nora De Marco:


Dr. Sara Ferná /

Mr. Ruben Broda:


Ing. Agr., M.Sc. Marcela I. Sánchez:

Mgter. Manuel Oscar Palacio:

Biol. Diego Alejandro Serra:

Mgter. Ing. Diana Perazzolo:

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