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New article "The Race for Plant Survival" highlights plant conservation at public gardens

25 March 2015

by Janet Marinelli

Plant conservation is part of my “beat” as an independent journalist. It’s a subject few other journalists cover, because most editors believe that plants, which don’t have big brown eyes and don’t bark or purr or moo, just aren’t engaging enough for their readers. In recent years, my stories have increasingly covered climate change, which has made plant conservation, already a complicated undertaking, even more difficult. In the topsy-turvy world we are creating, conservationists are now scrambling to plan for future conditions, despite the fact that they don’t fully understand how plants will behave when forced into areas where they currently do not exist, under conditions that are not yet precisely known. So when Public Garden magazine was planning its issue celebrating the American Public Gardens Association’s 75th anniversary, I jumped at the chance to write about how plant conservation has progressed by leaps and bounds since the organization was established—and how far it still needs to go. In the article, "The Race for Plant Survival,” I tell the stories of the amazing horticulturists and scientists at public gardens, both large and small, in whose hands the fate of so many plant species now lies.

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