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Call for Abstracts and Proposals for the 2016 Gene Conservation of Trees Workshop

30 November 2015

You are invited to submit presentation abstracts and proposals for affiliated meetings or special sessions for the Gene Conservation of Tree Species workshop to be held at the Holiday Inn Mart Plaza, Chicago, IL, May 16 - 19, 2016.


All poster and oral presentation abstracts are due by December 1, 2015 and should be submitted electronically following guidelines on the workshop website (


We encourage you to submit abstracts related to the following workshop topics, although submissions dealing with any aspect of the conservation of trees are also welcome.

·         In- Situ Conservation

·         Ex-Situ Conservation

o   Designing seed collections

o   Establishing and managing gene banks

o   Role of urban forests, arboreta and botanic gardens in tree genetic conservation

o   Maintenance of sample health ex situ

·         Identification of ecosystems/species to be conserved

o   Threats and risk assessments

·         Restoration of species/ecosystems of conservation concern

o   Assessing long term Impacts of tree conservation projects

·         Tools and techniques for Tree Genetic Conservation

o   Databasing and managing information for germplasm (genetic conservation)



Presentation manuscripts will be reviewed, edited and published online as proceedings, and possibly in a special issue of a peer-reviewed journal.  Authors who submit manuscripts should expect to provide reviews of colleague’s contributions. Manuscripts must be received before May 31, 2016. 


Key Dates

·         Abstracts due by December 1, 2015

·         Early registration cutoff date is December 31, 2015

·         Paper acceptance notice on or around February 15, 2016


Please pass this information on to others.

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