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Promoting the conservation of threatened Heliconia species

8 December 2015

For many years the Heliconia Society International (HSI) has been active in promoting the conservation of plants in the order Zingiberales through its network of conservation centers. In 2014 the Board of Directors approved a plan to link its activities with BGCI.

Following an assessment of Zingiberales in ex situ collections using BGCI’s PlantSearch database, a total of 108 threatened Zingiberales species are thought not to be present in ex situ collections.

The Heliconia Society will be publishing in its Bulletin and on its web-site the lists of which species have been assessed as threatened, and whether or not they are listed as cultivated in the global botanical garden network.

This information will be used to promote further conservation of threatened Heliconia species by botanic gardens around the world.

For more information, download a copy of the HSI Bulletin here (see page 12).

The Heliconia Society's GardenSearch profile can be found here.


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