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Young Mums Art and Poetry Workshop

Cambridge University Botanic Garden ran a young mothers day at the garden in partnership with a local artist and a Skills for Life tutor. Thirteen young mums were recruited with babies and toddlers through a locally based charity that works with marginalised young people and families.

All mothers and babies were collected from their home and driven to the garden. The morning session included a walk in the garden and an art workshop where the mothers and children worked together. The art based activities are used to help build mother's confidence in their ability to engage in effective creative play with their children.

In the afternoon the children were cared for by experienced crèche workers, leaving the mothers free to participate in a poetry workshop led by the Skills for Life tutor. Using the inspiring surrounds of the Botanic Garden, poetry helps to provide an oppurtunity for self-expression away from the pressures of parenthood.

All the mums and babies were driven back to their homes at the end of the day. The project was sponsored by Arts Levy funding from Cambridge City Council.

Source: K. van Oostrum (Survey Response)