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Training for Useful Skills in Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens have an active programme of retraining that focuses on learning useful skills, and in encouraging participants to become contributing members of society. This programme is designed to assist local people that lack job experience, such as the unemployed, new immigrants and ex-soldiers. It also trains prison inmates. This programme is run in collaboration with the Israeli corrective services, the National welfare organisation and the Ministry of Labour. some participants gain professional gardening certificates, and some go on to gain paid employment.

Jerusalem also has a Gardening Club for disabled war veterans. Most of these veterans have head injuries or post traumatic stress disorder, and can have difficulty integrating into society. The aims of this programme include establishing a positive connection to nature, and integrating participants into the botanic garden and wider community. The veterans make an essential contribution to the garden's operations, and participate in all internal events and social activities.

Source: Y.Ayalon (survey response).