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European Red List of Trees and Shrubs

We are working with IUCN on an EU Life funded project to produce a European Red List of Trees and Shrubs. BGCI is coordinating the work and is assessing all European trees and endemic large shrubs. The European conifers are also being assessed as part of the wider project.

Draft Red List conservation assessments are produced by BGCI, and then taken to a review workshop to be reviewed by regional and taxonomic experts.

The first review workshop took place in Zagreb, Croatia (May 2016), where eight experts reviewed over 190 Red List assessments of Sorbus.

The second review workshop took place in Pavia, Italy (Oct 2016), where 23 experts convened and reviewed nearly 300 species.

The assessments including maps will be available on The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species by early next year, and a European Red List report will also be produced.