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The Red List of Rhododendrons

In 2011, The Red List of Rhododendrons was published. This research, led by BGCI and the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, showed that a quarter of the 1157 Rhododendron species are under threat in the wild and require conservation action.

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Global ex situ survey of Rhododendron collections

Following publication of the red list, BGCI undertook a comprehensive survey of ex situ collections of globally threatened Rhododendrons, building on information held within the BGCI PlantSearch database. This survey identified that many Critically Endangered or Endangered taxa are currently not known to cultivation and therefore at great risk of extinction if threats they are facing in the wild are not addressed. 

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International Rhododendron Species Conservation Conference

The Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh (RBGE), the Rhododendron Species Conservation Group (RSCG) and BGCI jointly hosted a two-day conference in April 2013 to work towards developing a coordinated action plan to ensure the future of Rhododendron species. The Rhododendron Red List and the global ex situ survey were used to guide conservation planning.

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Where to see endangered Rhododendrons

The most significant botanic garden collections of Rhododendrons in the UK as identified by the BGCI global survey are: