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GSCC Seed Conservation Modules (Espanol)

Modulo 1 Planificacion



Modulo 1 Powerpoint Presentation



Modulo 2 Priorizacion y pre-evaluacion



Modulo 2 Powerpoint Presentation



Modulo 3 Coleccion de semillas



Modulo 3 Powerpoint Presentation



Modulo 4 Limpieza, secado y almacenamiento de semillas



Modulo 4 Powerpoint Presentation



Modulo 5 Germinacion y dormancia



Modulo 5 Powerpoint Presentation



Modulo 6 Base de Datos



Modulo 6 Powerpoint Presentation




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BGCI is grateful to Kate Gold for translating these modules and advising on content. 

BGCI would like to thank the Convention on Biological Diversity and The Japan Biodiversity Fund for supportting the development of these learning modules.