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GSCC Videos - Tips, tools and techniques from the field

We are asking our GSCC members to provide us with their tips and tricks on seed collection and processing. There are nearly 400 botanic gardens that collect and bank seed for conservation with a wealth of experience on how to collect and conserve seed. 

• Do you have an innovative way to collect from difficult species?

• Do you have a low tech method for cleaning seed? 

• Do you have an interesting storage solution?

Send us your videos from the field and the lab. 

Making the video  - You can use phones or cameras to record short videos. 

- Avoid shooting into bright light / sun if filming someone, have the sun behind them. 

- Try to keep the camera steady! If you have a tripod, use it. If no tripod available, steady yourself + the shot using whatever comes to hand.....the back of a chair, the top of a fence post etc.

- Avoid lots of panning and zooming- better to shoot static, then zoom in to reset for another shot. 

- Audio may not be required if the video is demonstrative 

Sending entries  - Please send all videos to If the files too large to send by email use wetransfer.  or tweet them to @bgci using the hashtag #GSCCVideo

Please add a description of your video and your institutions name.