GSPC supported at Convention on Biological Diversity meeting

15 October 2012


Discussions on the GSPC were held at the 11th  Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in India on Thursday 11 October. Interventions in support of the Strategy were made by delegates from: Argentina, China; Colombia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo; the EU and its members states and Croatia; India; Israel; Malaysia, Mexico and Singapore.

NGOs and other organisations also made supportive statements including the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN (FAO), the Global Partnership for Plant Conservation (GPPC), TRAFFIC and BGCI. Many of the statements noted that the GSPC is one of the most successful efforts within the CBD to implement the goals of the Convention. Most countries noted the success and hopes for the World Flora Online project. Many of the supportive statements highlighted the need to find adequate resources to support activities towards the Targets of the GSPC. Several parties commended BGCI and the GPPC for the production of the online toolkit for the GSPC.

Although some countries suggested amendments to the recommendations, in the end it was agreed to adopt the text without change. However the meeting report will make note of specific country concerns.

Amongst the GSPC successes noted were the following:

Mexico will be hosting a regional capacity building workshop later this year in association with BGCI. This will include the launch of the Mexican updated National Strategy for Plant Conservation

FAO are considering suite of indicators to measure progress towards Targets 8, 9, 12, 13. They suggested strengthening collaboration between GSPC and FAO focal points at the national level.

Singapore will host a regional capacity-building workshop arranged with BGCI, Singapore Botanic Garden and the CBD Secretariat in 2013

Israel have recently published their Red List - although presently it is only available in Hebrew. 

China is implementing the GSPC at a great pace. They have begun a preliminary assessment of progress to prepare for the midterm review and have prioritised 120 of the most threatened species for  conservation action, with a focus on in situ conservation.


Side events


Two successful side events on the GSPC were held during the Conference: one on the development of the World Flora online and the other on Capacity Building efforts by partners of the GPPC (Global Partnership for Plant Conservation).