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ABS Implementation examples

Promoting the use of plant resources in research and development
in compliance with national and international access and benefit-sharing (ABS) laws and policies

As part of BGCI’s Darwin Initiative project with the Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute, BGCI is gathering practical examples of measures that ex situ collections, research institutions and their networks are taking to ensure that they acquire, use and transfer plant genetic resources and share benefits in compliance with national and international laws, respecting the rights of provider communities and in accordance with mutually agreed terms.

Ex situ collections and research institutions have responsibilities both as users and secondary providers of genetic resources along chains of custody, use and value.

Practical examples highlighted on these pages include measures to strengthen relationships with communities, ABS training and awareness-raising within institutions and via networks, institutional responses to codes of conduct, and data management systems to maintain links between provider and permissions data and material.

Some of the measures are simple, some are more complex, depending on local context, needs and available resources. We hope that they will inspire further ideas for improving practical ABS implementation. The project also aims to raise awareness of real ABS-related practices and to build the trust of potential providers, supporting the rationale for countries to develop simplified access measures for non-commercial research that contributes to biodiversity conservation and sustainable use.

BGCI seeks further examples of institutional and network ABS measures! Please send suggestions to

Examples compiled by Kate Davis, Consultant ABS Advisor to BGCI.

Codes of Conduct and their institutional implementation


Working with communities and their traditional knowledge


Data management systems






 Awareness-raising by networks
and institutions