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Course Booking Procedure

Adapted from ‘Course Booking Procedure’ from the ‘Environmental Education in Botanic Gardens training course for botanic garden educators in Africa’, Kirstenbosch 1998, ed. Ally Ashwell.


The booking – phone, fax, letter or email


Information on booking form

-Contact name and number – very important

-Number of participants

-Age group

-What theme or programme they want

-Address they are coming from

-Any special requirements

-How long they are coming for


Information to booking file and brochure


Brochure (reply form included)


One copy to the education officer and file one copy in school course pending file


Confirmation slip once it has arrived from the booker to the copy of the booking form in your file

Education officers

Education officers to organise, who is leading the class or group, which room they will be using, what props they might need and any contingency plans fro poor weather etc.


As often as you need to, weekly to monthly

-gateman or ticket office to let them know when they are arriving – time, date and numbers


-garden secretary

-switchboard operator


-catering if the party is eating at the site

Return of reply form

Received from booker, normally with course fee.You can then confirm details with the relevant education officer and make any changes needed in file


For example with a cash book – white copy to teacher, blue copy to cashier, pink copy to file with booking form and reply slip, yellow copy in cash book, attach deposit slip in file.

The key thing is to remember to communicate with all the relevant people involved – education officers, volunteers, room and resource managers and the party coming, as often as you need to, to make sure the day runs smoothly.