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Fairchild Challenge 2009 winners!


We received loads of excellent entries and were very impressed by the creativity and skill shown by all. 

Equally impressive was the understanding shown of complex climate change science and associated issues, which students interpreted brilliantly in their accompanying written pieces.

Here are just some of them. Click on the image to see it enlarged.  Click on the student's name to see their explanation of their cartoon.  Follow the links below to see all the cartoons.


fairchild tagge

fairchild second

fairchild third


Trevor Tagge

We loved Trevor's bold, bright style and thought this cartoon captured some of the main climate change issues really well.  Well done Trevor!


Paul Burzynski

A brilliant idea, simple yet striking, memorable and powerful and accompanied by passionate text showing a really good understanding of the issue.

Max Silva

Everyone loved the humour of this cartoon, and agreed with Max that humour is a good way of getting people's attention.


Click on this link to see five more brilliant and imaginative entries with cartoons showing: how habitat loss and land-use change will compound climate change by  Claudia Vallin, the threat from invasive Water hyacinth by Dillon McDermott, the global nature of climate change's impact on plants by  Hee-young Kim, the impact of climate change on the Cuban cloud forest by Jessica Posada and how climate change might impact coffee growers by Ryan van der Eijk.

And here are all the other highly commended entries, displaying some brilliant artistic talent as well as understanding of climate change:

Group one

Group two

Group three

The next BGCI Fairchild Challenge option will be announced here soon - it will involve designing a CD cover for a soon-to-be-released single!  Check back soon for more details or get in touch with us.


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