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Fourth Global Botanic Gardens Congress - Papers by author

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Note: Papers are listed alphabetically according to author or first author.


  • Accogli, Rita
    Recovery and conservation of the agricultural genetic resources of Salento (Apulia - Italy)
  • Andreeva, Alla
    Botanic gardens as the base for higher education in Russia
  • Austin, Sandra
    Bantaba - a gathering place at the heart of Eden's Rainforest Biome


  • Baider, Claudia
    Status of plant conservation in oceanic islands of the Western Indian Ocean
  • Bardin, Philippe
    How to get students to conserve plant diversity? The benefits of a new approach of the relationship between scientists and Society
  • Biyandir, Dilan
    Educatıon ın botanıc gardens for young chıldren
  • Bjureke, Kristina
    We have introduced some of them…. Do we take the responsibility to eradicate them?
  • Britton, Kerry
    Informing pest prevention efforts through Sentinel Plant Monitoring
  • Bromley, Gail
    Role models in Botanic Garden Education Networks

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  • Caujape-Castells, Juli
    The status of plant conservation on the Macaronesian archipelagos
  • Clubbe, Colin
    Role of native species nurseries in mitigating threats from invasive species - case studies from UK Overseas territories
  • Corcoran, Marcella
    Developing horticultural protocols for threatened plants form the UK Oversease Territories


  • David, John
    ABS and gardening
  • Davis, Kate
    Non-commercial research and the ABS Protocol: what next?
  • Delmas, Maite
    A window on the unique and fragile New Caledonian flora and habitats
  • Demissew, Sebsebe
    The Ethiopian Flora Project: Lessons learnt
  • Deneen, Jeri
    Water conservation and sustainable education gardens
  • Dilhan, M.A.A.B.
    Building sustainable botanic gardens: a simple silvicultural method adopted to haven certain wood trees into productive arboretum in the dry zone of Sri Lanka

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  • Eglacheva, Arina
    Diversity and geographic origin of Gymnospermae represented in botanic gardens of Russia in various climatic conditions
  • Entwisle, Tim
    Sensible seasons
  • Ewing, Kern
    Academic and community-based restoration based in botanic gardens


  • Flann, Christina
    Compiling the Global Compositae Checklist in the age of biodiversity informatics
  • Forzza, Rafaela C.
    Preparation of a list of Brazilian plant and fungal species: methods and results
  • Fountain, Mark
    A Basis for Change - a novel way to evaluate and re-align living collections to meet the changing focus of a botanic garden in the modern world
  • Frediani, Kevin
    High density vertical growing as a public exhibit at Paignton Zoo

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  • Gorbunov, Yuri
    Russian botanical gardens and GSPC
  • Gratani, Loretta
    Monitoring plant species response to climate change
  • Gratani, Loretta
    Phenotypic plasticity for physiological and life-history traits of Quercus ilex L.
  • Griffith, Patrick
    The cost of conservation: measuring the mission and its economics


  • Havinga, Reinout
    Plants in the Spotlights: Biodiversity from around the world in the heart of Amsterdam
  • Husby, Chad
    Weed risk assessment for botanic garden decision making
  • Hällfors, Maria
    Testing bioclimatic hypotheses with botanic garden collections - curatorial considerations

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  • Ippolito, Fabio
    Flower Fairies™ by Cicely Mary Barker: a significant experience in education for plant biodiversity


  • Kiehn, Michael
    Botanic Gardens and the implementation of the GSPC in Austria
  • Kramer, Andrea
    Using BGCI’s databases to connect plant collections and expertise to support the development of an international Sentinel Plant Network

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  • Lechner, Marian
    Assessing invasive potentials of plant species cultivated in botanic gardens in Central Europe


  • MacKay, Marion
    Meeting Target 8: Rhododendron subgenus vireya in New Zealand as an example of ex situ conservation
  • Martinelli, Gustavo
    Brazilian National Centre on Flora Conservation: the efforts of Rio de Janeiro Botanic Garden in implementing the GSPC targets at national level: some results


  • Nicholson, Mark
    Brackenhurst Forest Botanic Garden, Kenya: towards a self-sustaining botanic garden

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  • Oldfield, Sara
    Plant conservation, botanic gardens and the International Agenda
  • Olin, Peter
    The role of international cooperation among botanical gardens as a tool for the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation


  • Persoon, Hans
    Atlantis-BG a standard for comprehensive, web-based collection management
  • Pettitt, Tim
    The challenges and benefits of in-vessel composting our food and catering waste to divert material from landfill and provide Eden Project with a valuable fertiliser
  • Piacentini, Richard
    Greening a greenhouse to green the world: the value of environmental stewardship
  • Probert, Catrin
    Can botanic gardens play a role in REDD-plus?
  • Pushay, Elena
    A sustainable garden is an inspiration for a sustainable city

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  • Raven, Peter
    Reflections on 40 years of plant conservation
  • Richard, Philippe
    A big change for botanic gardens in Europe: going from the 19th to the 21st century
  • Roguet, Didier
    Responsibility and cooperation: The educational cooperation policy of the Conservatory and Botanical Garden Of the City of Geneva (CJB), Switzerland,with southern-hemisphere countries
  • Rucińska, Anna
    Molecular studies on ex-situ conservation of rare and endangered Polish plants


  • Samain, Marie-Stéphanie
    Peperomia Reference Collection: an ex situ living plant collection for scientific research
  • Sanchez Martinez, Emiliano
    Central Mexico native plant horticulture at the Caderyta Regional Botanical Garden
  • Sanders, Dawn
    Building sustainable botanic gardens: beyond architecture
  • Spirina, Uliana
    Conservation ex situ of Bryophytes in the Botanic Garden of Tver State University (Middle part of European Russia)
  • Sutherland, Lucy
    Revealing the 'warts' to build a sustainable Australian National Botanic Garden
  • Symes, Peter
    Conserving plants in a changing climate - an Australian perspective

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  • Tan, Bian
    Conservation of Orchids, Medicinals, and Agarwood in Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos
  • Torres-Santana, Christian
    Conservation status of plants in the Caribbean Island biodiversity hotspot
  • Tye, Alan
    The status of plant conservation on Pacific islands


  • Van der Walt, Karin
    The critical difference between extinction and survival: ex situ conservation of Encephalartos species in the Lowveld National Botanical Garden, SA.
  • Van der Walt, Karin
    The ecology and population biology of the critically endangered succulent - Adenium swazicum
  • Van Spronsen, Edwin
    The Open Key Editor: a tool for generating flexible digital identification keys for mobile devices
  • Van Uffelen, Gerda
    Two modern interpretations of old gardens
  • Villagra Islas, Paula
    Re-growth of vegetation, colour and landscape complexity: the role of design in the interpretation of natural systems in botanical gardens
  • Vovides, Andrew P.
    The Mexican living cycad collection at the Jardin Botánico Francisco Javier Clavijero, Xalapa

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  • Wen, Xiangying
    Safeguarding China's botanical heritage - BGCI's integrated conservation programme in China
  • Widrlechner, Mark P.
    Building a comprehensive collection of Ash germplasm
  • Willis, Christopher
    On the rocky road towards sustainability: aspiring towards the Kirstenbosch model


  • Zych, Marcin
    It takes a flower and a bee to make a meadow: mutualistic plant-pollinator interactions are crucial for plant biodiversity conservation

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