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Organisation behind IPEN

IPEN is a voluntary approach of botanic gardens, not a funded organisation. So, the work has been shared between several organisations and individuals.

BGCI has undertaken the task of hosting the website, collecting the membership applications and providing the actual list of IPEN members.

At first, the IABG/BGCI Consortium of Botanic Gardens in the EU was the panel to promote IPEN. In order to decouple IPEN from the European level, it has been decided to create another panel for this task: the IPEN National Node Network. Every representative of the Consortium was asked to seek for a person within his national network of botanic gardens who will act as national contact person for IPEN, the so-called IPEN National Node. The IPEN National Node Network is open to representatives from any country. The role of the IPEN National Nodes is:

  • to promote IPEN in their country or region by initiating the discussion on IPEN in their national network
  • to ensure, that the IPEN applicants of their country meet the IPEN criteria
  • to advise BGCI in the decision if the applications for membership can be accepted
  • to ensure that all accepted applicants are put on the IPEN membership list

The working group responsible for the further development and conception of IPEN is the so-called IPEN task force, appointed by the IPEN National Node Network. The work of the task force includes:

  • further development and updating of the IPEN website
  • further development and updating of the IPEN documents
  • finding answers to the "Frequently Asked Questions"
  • assist the discussions within the national networks of botanic gardens