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The Sóller Botanic Garden Seed Bank

Volume 2 Number 9 - December 1997

Magdalena M. Vicens

In 1990, a Seed Bank was created to conserve the native biological diversity of the Balearic plants for the benefit of present and future generations. Conservation of Balearic Islands biodiversity is one of the main objectives of the Sóller Botanic Garden (SBG).

This is a very important initiative at a local level which involves the Balearic Government and all the Balearic Islands institutions like National Parks and others.


The SBG Seed Bank has had funding from the Balearic Government to carry out particular projects such as that for the storage of seeds of balearic endemic plants. There is a temporary member of staff attached to the project. The main priority is Balearic species, mainly endemic ones but also rare and endangered species. In the context of the CBD (Convention on Biological Diversity), the priorities are plants which occur in localities that are in danger because of the tourism, building, etc.

The populations are sampled to conserve the range of biological diversity of each species. Once the seeds are cleaned and recorded on the database, they are dried with silica gel in hermetically-sealed chambers. All the seeds are stored at -18ºC in flame-sealed glass tubes.

For a year seed from the National Park of Cabrera archipelago have been stored at the Sóller Seed Bank. The aim is to conserve any plant of this protected area of the Balearic Islands.