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Forest restoration e-learning modules

BGCI has created a suite of e-learning modules on restoring forests. There are three modules in the series, which explore planning forest restoration and how to select and source appropriate native species for restoration.

 These modules are also available in FrenchSpanish and Swahili.


Module 1: Planning forest restoration

This module covers what forest restoration is, how to plan a forest restoration project and what resources are available to help you do this. 

 Module 2: Species selection for forest restoration 

This module covers the benefits of using native species, resources available to select appropriate native species and the different restoration approaches which can be implemented.



Module 3 - Part 1: Sourcing material for forest restoration

This module explores the different organisations which can be used to source material for forest restoration projects. The benefits of collecting your own material and how to maximise its genetic  diversity are also discussed.   



Module 3 - Part 2: Seed collection methods and post-harvest handling

This module explores seed collection methods, associated material that should be collected alongside seed and post-harvest handling.




BGCI would like to thank the Convention on Biological Diversity and The Japan Biodiversity Fund for supporting the development of these learning modules.