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Working with the Plant Conservation Alliance

The Plant Conservation Alliance (PCA) is an effective vehicle for multi-sector collaborations to build botanical capacity across the United States.   The PCA is a consortium of ten federal government Member agencies and over 225 non-federal Cooperators representing various disciplines within the conservation field (including foundations and non-profits such as botanic gardens). 

The PCA provides funding for on-the-ground plant and habitat conservation and restoration projects via a matching funds grant program administered by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and acts as a forum for the exchange of ideas, sharing of best practices, and ultimately seeks to pool resources at a national to allow for a focused strategic approach to building botanical capacity at the local level, eliminating duplication of effort and increasing program effectiveness. 

How you can get involved:

1) Find out if your institution is a PCA member by clicking here and, if not, consider joining.  Membership to the PCA is free.

2) Keep up-to-date on the latest plant conservation news and discussion around the nation by subscribing to the PCA listserve

3) If you are at an NGO, the PCA has an NGO committee (chaired by Sophia Siskel, President of the Chicago Botanic Garden) that is increasingly focused on advocacy for plants and their conservation.  The 2010 Botanical Capacity Assessment report (available here) is a useful tool for all NGO's involved in botanical research, education, and conservation to use in demonstrating the important ways they are filling gaps in botanical capacity.

FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO GET INVOLVED: (1) read a letter from the NGO Committee Chair here and (2) check out this white paper to increase federal funding for plant conservation and consider writing a letter to your representative to increase funding for plant conservation.