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Care for the Rare Update

27 June 2013

With our new and improved customizable templates, you too can join our cause and create your own signs to tell the conservation stories of the threatened species in your garden!  We have also greatly simplified the creation process to make it a quick and easy task to tailor the template signs to the specific threatened plants in your collection.  All you have to do is download one of our two templates and fill in the blanks! We are providing all of these resources freely to the public, but we kindly ask that you upload them to our webpage so that we may display and share them in our Sign Library.

The Care for the Rare project is a free, easy-to-use interpretation resource that gardens everywhere can use to clearly communicate conservation stories of threatened plants in their collections.  By joining the Care for the Rare project, your garden can help to raise awareness of the many species that are in danger and greatly contribute to these essential conservation efforts.  Visit our webpage to take a look at our current sign collection and see just how simple it is to create a sign of your own!

Care for the Rare is a partnership between Botanic Gardens Conservation International U.S. and the United States Botanic Garden, with additional support from the Wallace Genetic Foundation.


Below are links to a few of our new signs:'

Torreya taxifolia (editable Word document or PDF)

Aloe polyphylla (editable Word document or PDF)

Malacothamnus aboriginum (editable Word document or PDF)


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