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BGCI U.S. Strategic Plan 2012-2016


Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) is a global organization that links botanic gardens around the world into a global network for plant conservation.  Through this network BGCI strives to be a voice for plants, to implement and monitor progress toward the UN’s Global Strategy for Plant Conservation, and to ensure that no plant conservation, restoration or education work at botanic gardens is limited by lack of access to information or expertise.

Based in London, BGCI has satellite programs in several other countries.  Here in the United States, BGCI has more than 80 members, which have an informal affiliation with BGCI US.  BGCI US is a 501(c)3 organization that shares BGCI’s mission and vision, but maintains an independent budget and Board of Directors.

BGCI US acts as a central “hub” that connects interests, best practices and information across BGCI’s member gardens and with conservation partners in the U.S.  Working with BGCI, it facilitates engagement and collaboration on mutual interests within the United States and globally.

BGCI’s Mission and Vision  

Mission: To mobilize botanic gardens and engage partners in securing plant diversity for the well-being of people and the planet.

Vision: A world in which plant diversity is valued, secure and supporting all life. 

BGCI’s Unique Role

There is a pressing need to conserve and restore global plant diversity, yet insufficient capacity to do so.  We believe that every botanic garden can provide important capacity to support plant conservation, restoration, and education.  While already significant, with greater support, coordination and collaboration the combined power and impact of botanic gardens will yield increasingly significant results for plant conservation.

  • We support local plant conservation action informed by a global perspective.
  • As the UN designate for implementing the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation, we raise awareness of the issues and advocate for support needed to address them.
  • We are a proactive hub that connects and mobilizes gardens.  Our online databases, publications, and global congresses support collaboration and knowledge-sharing that enables strategic planning, collaboration, and action.
  • We develop tools that help botanic gardens better understand and build their role in supporting conservation, restoration, and education.

BGCI US Strategic Planning Background

In 2007, a strategic plan for BGCI’s work in the U.S. was developed with input and participation from nearly 80 BGCI member organizations as well as the BGCI Secretary General, BGCI staff, and the BGCI US Board through a series of workshops and surveys.

In 2011, a new strategic planning process was initiated by the BGCI US Board.  This process was informed by a member survey taken by 50 BGCI member gardens in the United States.  The main components of this new Strategic Plan for 2012-2016 were finalized during a 2-day planning retreat of the BGCI US Board in November 2011.

Strategic Pillars and Long Term Goals

Eight Strategic Pillars were identified and prioritized by the BGCI US Board for work through 2016.   Details for all Programmatic Strategic Pillars are described below.  Additional detail on all of our Strategic PIllars and 2012-2013 priorities is available in the full BGCI U.S. Strategic Plan 2012-2016


Programmatic Strategic Pillars

 Long Term Goals (5-year)

P1. Conservation Planning and Analysis Evolve BGCI’s databases (PlantSearch and GardenSearch) to be highly used, highly valued tools to support conservation planning & analysis for members, researchers, practitioners & other partners in the United States and around the world.
P2. Interactive Communication and Sharing Develop & implement new communication and information sharing tools for members.  Use these tools to identify, prioritize, & communicate plant conservation and research needs in North America based on the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation.
P3. Conservation/ Restoration ProjectsBuild programs that engage member gardens & allow them to leverage their resources & expertise to achieve more impactful conservation or restoration actions than if they acted alone.
P4. Policy/ AdvocacyEngage BGCI members in the U.S. to inform & advocate for plant conservation programs & policies at the federal level.