Botanic Gardens Conservation International
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BGCI’s current conservation projects in China



Sustainable management of community forest in Dahetou village, Tengchong county, Yunnan


Conservation of native plant diversity and habitats in the Zhi-Ben-Shan Mountains, Yunnan


Restoration of a tropical forest remnant with the aid of historical records and ex situ plant collections, Yunnan


Development of recovery techniques for three rare camellias – Camellia nitidissima, C. euphlebia and C. tunghinensis – through the active engagement of local communities in Fangcheng Golden Camellia National Nature Reserve, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region


Restoration and sustainable management of degraded forest through the active involvement of local communities in Heshan, Guangdong


Integrated conservation of rare plants and restoration of degraded ecosystems in Huaniao Island, Zhoushan Archipelago, East China Sea, Zhejiang


Conservation and restoration of degraded riparian wetlands of Yazihe in Sichuan Province


Community-based conservation and sustainable use in Junggar and Turpan, Xinjiang


Conservation of riparian forest in the Tarim River basin, Awati county, Xinjiang


Integrated conservation of Magnolia sinostellata, Zhejiang


Conservation of threatened rhododendrons and enhancement of livelihoods of local communities in the border area of southeast Xizang and northwest Yunnan


Assisting the regeneration of Guangxi's unique karst biodiversity through active participation of local communities, Taitang, Gongcheng County, Guangxi