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The flora of Georgia comprises about 4,400 vascular plant species of which some 27% are considered to be imperilled, in particular by various forms of habitat change. BGCI enjoys a longstanding collaboration with Georgian botanic gardens. Conservation efforts initially centred on ex situ collection records management and red listing. Since 2013, we have been supporting practical conservation of Caucasian threatened woody plants. While integrated ex and in situ conservation action for Nitraria schoberi and Amygdalus georgica was successfully completed in 2016, work on Betula megrelica and Salix kikodseae is ongoing. An additional initiative on the rare Prunus microcarpa commenced in early 2017Details of these projects are available on the Global Trees Campaign (GTC) website.

Georgia's botanic gardens hold major collections of rare and threatened Caucasian plants. To maintain these collections as an insurance policy for the future, BGCI continues to provide technical assistance to its Georgian partners in botanic garden development and management, currently advising the reorganisation of the National Botanical Garden of Georgia, Tbilisi.