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BGCNews Archive

Welcome to the online archive of BGCNews, which ran until December 2003.

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BGCNews was changed to BGjournal in 2004. You can browse the BGjournal archives online here.

Publication Year: 
Dec 2003: Volunteering at the Royal Botanic Garden, Thimpu, Bhutan by Christopher Watt
Dec 2003: Arboretum of M. M.Grishko National Botanical Garden, NAS, Ukraine by T.M. Cherevchenko
Dec 2003: A New Botanic Garden in Fez, Morocco by Saad Benamar
Dec 2003: Report of the Habitat Fragmentation Workshop held in Sydney, Australia by Rossetto, M.
Dec 2003: Ecological Restoration of a Cliff Face in Kings Park and Botanic Gardens, Perth, Western Australia by Bob Dixon & Peter Moonie
Jun 2003: Establishment of the Calabar Botanic Garden and Conservation Centre in Nigeria by Tunde Morakinyo
Jun 2003: Plant Record Keeping in 2003 by Wyse Jackson, Diane.
Jun 2003: Setting Up a Plant Record System: the Bristol Zoo Gardens, U.K. by E. Mole
Jun 2003: A Proposed Network for India’s Botanic Gardens by M. Richardson
Jun 2003: Developing Feasibility Studies for the Creation of New Botanic Gardens by Peter S. Wyse Jackson
Jun 2003: Medicinal Plant Conservation in Georgia by Shalva Sikharulidze
Jun 2003: The Belo Horizonte Zoo-Botanic Foundation Natural Reserve, Brazil by Juliana Ordones Rego
Feb 2003: Endangered Plant: Gleditsia vestita of Hunan, China by Anon.